Friday, 31 July 2009

Finished the Rascal!

Well, I haven't slept, ate, washed or shaved in the last six months, and I'm down to my last pair of comedy pants, but finally that pesky creative writing MA is over! This afternoon I handed 'Jellybean: Last of the Navel Navigators' to the binders, and should have it back on wednesday, two weeks ahead of the deadline.

The first two chapters of this childrens novel about a boy and his bellybutton got me a distinction for a previous assignment, so let's hope I'm still on the right tracks with the rest of the novel.

Once I've got that rotter of a birthday out the way, I should have plenty of time to get back to my comic projects. So look out for a few more previews of upcoming work, in the near future.

Right, I'm off to catch some well earned sleep, and scrub myself free of that pungent student aroma.