Thursday, 29 January 2009

Argh! Zombies!!!

After just having finished writing a 4,500 word short story about zombie shelf stackers for my Creative Writing MA, I was pleased to receive the first page of art for another zombie related project I'm working on with Neil Alexander.

It's a four pager titled 'Dead Beats' which involves a group of zombies sat in a pub, chatting about the good old days when it was all lurching and shuffling and there wasn't any of that silly old 'running around an' chasing folk' business.

Anyway, enjoy the preview.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

New Marren Kane Strip

Just finished lettering a brand new Marren Kane strip, illustrated by Tony Suleri. Hopefully it'll be appearing in Bulletproof Issue 4.

This strips a bit darker than usual, since Tony was working from a script I'd written (rather than our usual Kane method, which is for Tony to draw all the art first, then send it to me to put some words on). Still, it has Death By Spoon in it, so there's plenty of light hearted moments in there too.

Hope you enjoy the preview, and I'll post some more art from other projects later in the week.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Temple Digital Showcase 2 Out Now!

A somewhat festive edition of the Temple Digital Showcase can now be downloaded as a free PDF on the main Temple APA website (

Compiled together by freelance illustrator John Kirkham, and featuring 38 pages of comic strips and previews from various UK comics creators (such as Adam Grose, Tony Suleri, Jim Stewart and Malcolm Kirk), the showcase also contains a new Small Press Directory that lists the details of various small press comics for sale.

The collection is intended as a digital showcase of British comic writers and artists, both amateur and professional. It's free to join, and everyone from the UK is welcome to add their comics to the directory here:

The next issue's deadline is March 22nd.