Thursday, 16 April 2009

Way Of The Dead

A brief taster of me and Tony Suleri's next project; a three issue Kung-fu Zombie mini-series titled 'Way Of The Dead'.

If all goes well (finding a publisher would be a start!), we plan to follow it up with five more mini-series.

Cover image supplied by the ever amazing Stu Smith.

Keep your eyes peeled for more designs and updates as the project progresses.

Highway Robbery Complete!

Highway Robbery, the ‘almost weekly’ web comic from myself and Tony Suleri was finally completed last week.

The strip was started in June last year, and had been expected to end in December with page thirty, but Tony couldn’t resist throwing in a couple of extra pages for dramatic effect. Due to various other strips Tony found himself working on (including Reaper for the upcoming issue of Futurequake), fitting the final seven pages into his schedule has been a challenge, but it’s all done now!
It’s been a fun strip to work on, especially since there’s no actual script and neither of us had a clue what was going to happen from one page to the next. I was quite surprised that the end result actually seems to make sense (alright, there’s a few potential plot holes lurking beneath the surface, and the occasional page that has no real bearing on the story, but I won’t go into them in case no-one’s noticed and we’ve got away with it!).
Hopefully the last seven pages will appear on the Bulletproof website soon, so keep an eye out for them.
Myself and Tony are all set to embark on our next project (with the generous assistance of Stu Smith - the original creator of King Burger - as cover artist) which’ll be a lot more sizable, and although it won’t have any gun-totting monkeys or bovine Elvis impersonators in it, it’ll certainly have its fair share of kung-fu zombies.

Watch this space for more details!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Temple Digital Showcase 3

The third issue of the Temple APA, a showcase for UK comic artist and writers, is now available to download as a free PDF here
Compiled by John Kirkham, and containing the works of various small press creators (such as Adam Grose, Tony Suleri, Jim Stewart and Paul Eldridge) the third issue is one of the biggest yet, and has a lot of amusing offerings inside (Malcolm Kirk's mock 'sea zombies' ad being one of my favourites, along with Paul Eldridges marvellous front cover).

Not only is the PDF free to download, but all writers and artists (whether they're amateur or pro) are welcome to join up for free. Just sign up to the ning site here.
The Temple Showcase contains a Small Press Directory at the rear which is updated each issue. If you're a small press comic artist/writer/publisher who'd like to have their comic listed inside, then leave the details on the site and we'll try and include them next time (or, failing that, email details to me at To see what details are needed, check out the most recent Temple PDF)

Toxic Comic Out Now!

Issue 137 of Toxic is out in the shops now, and comes with a free 'Crazy Comics' supplement.

In the back pages of the supplement you'll find a one page strip by myself and Paul Harrison-Davies, titled 'The Hoaxers'. It's about a child operated cover-up agency, that's funded by the government to hide all the bizarre goings on around england.
There's the chance to vote online for your favourite strip (there's nine to choose from, some of which are by some bloody talented chaps indeed!) at:

The strip with the most votes may get a series out of it.
Anyway, I thought now might be a good time to share some of Paul's early Hoaxers concept sketches.