Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween zombies

Happy Halloween, folks.

To celebrate, here's a zombie pic of my friend Terry, and my sister Terri (no relation. Er, except to me).

It was drawn on Sketchbook Pro on the ipad, using a photo reference from the recent Hastings Zombie Walk. The first pic shows the base colours, the second has a scratch and three tone filter applied, and the third is the finished product.

Now go, drink blood and be merry, my wretched little ghouls!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Steampunk Terry (x2)

Couple of pics knocked up on Sketchbook Pro using a few photo references of Terry and Terri.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Demon Geezer

Here's another pic, knocked up with Sumo Paint, and then various filters were added to rough the image up a bit.


Get strummin' that banjo, 'cause here's another ipad doodle. Sketched and coloured in Finggr, then a Dirt filter was added in Pixlromatic.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Right, to complete the hat trick, here's the third and final sketch of the evening. Scrawled on Finngr, tidied on Sketchbook, and filtered on Photo Fx Ultra. Not sure what it is, but its certainly not a happy bunny.


Here's another picture that I just knocked up. The first sketch was done with Sumo Paints Oriental brush, then the picture was coloured in Sketchbook Pro, and given a Twilight filter (no effeminate vampires involved) in Photo Fx Ultra.


Just been having a bit of a play around on my ipad, and came up with a troll illustration to go with Grandpa's Teeth. The first rough sketch was drawn with a free app called Finngr, then I traced over it in Sketchbook Pro and gave it some colours. After that, I applied a filter with Photo Fx Ultra.

I'll paste more of my doodles as I gradually get the hang of this digital fingerpainting malarkey.