Thursday, 22 December 2011

Slayer Keith Rides To Victory!

I've just had word from John Freeman that Slayer Keith, a collaboration between myself, Dave Thomson and Stu Smith, will be appearing in issue 4 of Strip (a brand new monthly adventure comic for children and young adults).

I think none of us are more thrilled than Stu Smith, whose main involvement was to eat cheese, have a weird dream, and record it in the following illustration which inspired the comic strip.

So let this be a lesson to you, people! If you wish to get anywhere in life as an artist you must eat more cheese, and sleep whenever possible.

Strip comic is available to buy from iTunes at £2.99, and can also be purchased in many UK comic stores. Learn more about Strip here:

Temple Homeless Again

Once again, a social network site which we've joined has decided to close its doors to free users.

Commencing on January 1st, the Temple Socialgo site will stop functioning. If we haven't found a new home by then, watch this space as I'll put up an announcement once me and Malcolm Kirk have sorted the problem out.

Blasted Capitalist Social Site rascals!

Not A Lot On iTunes

You can now download my pub-time collaboration with F.J.Riley from iTunes for free, where it appears to be doing rather well in the charts.

Reviews have been mixed at best, ranging from: 'A happy pile of nonsense' to 'Disappointingly rubbish!'

Still, if you're looking for completely 100% accurate facts which we didn't at all make up whilst under the influence of alcohol, then this is the one for you!

Just hop along to the iTunes store with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, type my name into the search engine and get downloading.

Myself and F.J.Riley are currently working on the sequel, which we've cunningly titled 'Not A Lot Of People Know That 2'

Hallowscream 2011

Alright, so Halloween may have passed, but surely that's not going to stop folk downloading a free halloween horror comic eh?

Issue 3 of Hallowscream is available from Back From The Depths at the following link:

It contains 112 pages of blood curdling mayhem, including some rather twisted offerings from Dirk Van Dom (the lord and master of dark humour), Matthew Mclaughlin, Tim West, Malcolm Kirk and many others (including myself and Chow, with a sequel to our Hells Belles strip).

The comic is 53 megs, in PDF format, and completely free so get downloading it now!

Accent UK's Predators

A few months back, Accent UK launched its latest anthology 'PREDATORS' which is another beautifully put together beast of a comic.

The anthology contains an 8 page collaboration by myself and Tony Suleri, titled 'The Exterminator'.

There's some terrific material inside, including a warped yet brilliant post-apocalyptic vision of a future ruled by giant mutated insects by Morgan Pielli and Jon-Mikel Gates, 'The Lure' by Gary Crutchley, involving a fairy used as bait to catch unwary children, 'Just Like You' by Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle, which is a well paced and darkly humorous piece about a very open serial killer, and many other great offerings.

Predators costs £8.99, and is available from

Also, look out for their upcoming 'Zombies 2' anthology, which contains a 'Dead Beats' zombie strip by myself and welsh wonder-boy Neil Alexander.

Grandpa's Teeth

Earlier on in the year I wrote a children's book about a young boy who's on a quest to find his Grandpa's Teeth, which have been stolen by a great green Gribble Grobble (the beast that lives within Minestrone, as I'm sure you all well know).

I figure it's probably about time I put up a few of the illustrations I made to go with it. Next year, once I have moved house, I shall send it out to more of those lovely agent and publisher types!

Let The Updates Commence!

Just realised that my last blog update was, er, January, so I suppose I best catch up before the year is out.

So, stay tuned and I'll tell you what I've been up to...

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

It's all coming true!

I have just been informed by F.J.Riley, with whom I collaborated on a book of made up facts (titled Not A Lot Of People Know That), that a recent story in the Evening Standard bore a remarkable similarity to something we made up.

Check out this article, and pray that none of our other 'facts' come true...