Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Charity Moustache!

This month I will mostly be growing a moustache.

But it's not just any's a charity moustache for Movember.

If you fancy sponsoring my beautiful face follicles, you can do so here:

All proceeds go towards helping folk with Prostate Cancer (and, with luck, a top lip wax when this is all over)

This will be my first moustache, so if you have any experience in this particular field, please feel free to share your knowledge and help me on my path...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Not A Lot Of People Know That

Some books are written through years of hard work and effort; others are written after two pints down the pub. I'll leave it to the readers to deduce which sort of book 'Not A Lot Of People Know That' by myself and the mysterious F.J.Riley is.

There are two vitally important things to remember about this book.

1) Every fact contained within is 100% accurate.
2) It's free.

you can check out a few sample facts contained within at the following link, and also download the PDF

Here's a few facts from the book, to be going on with:

- Despite being involuntary, spontaneous human combustion is illegal in every country in the world apart from the Republic of Ireland, where ironically, it has never happened.

- Jack the Ripper was killed by a copycat killer who, due to very poor London lighting, mistook his idol for a prostitute.

- At any one time in the UK, there are at least six musicians who have fallen asleep after being hypnotised by metronomes.

- In America it is illegal in seventeen states to have sexual intercourse with a gameshow host.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Zarjaz 9 Available Now

Issue 9 of 2000ad Fanzine 'Zarjaz' is now available to buy for £4.00 (including postage and packing) from the Futurequake shop - just follow the link.

As well the Judge Dredd strip 'Death By Misadventure' written by myself and illustrated by Stuart Giddings, there's plenty of other character tributes, including a Sinister Dexter strip, Orlok the assassin and, my personal favourite, Shako the Killer Polarbear by the ever marvellous Richmond Clements and Bryan Coyle.

The comic's black and white, and wrapped in a rather lovely colour cover by Nigel Dobbyn.

Strip previews can be viewed here:

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Temple Issue 6 - Out Now!

After a slight delay, Temple Issue 6 is now available to download at:

With contributions from Tony Suleri, Simon Mackie, Malcolm Kirk and others, the 97 page showcase also contains a 26 page feature on the work of Easmall press publisher Futurequake Press.

This is John Kirkham's final issue as Central Mailer (damn fine job, dear boy!), though with luck he'll return to the world of comics at some point, re-energised and ready to kick bottom.

The rather marvellous Malcolm Kirk will be taking over the helm from Issue 7 onwards (deadline to be announced).