Thursday, 6 November 2008

B-movie made in 48 hours!

Well, I had a fun packed and slightly surreal weekend making a film for the Portsmouth DV Missions 48 hour film challenge.

The way the challenge works is every group's given the same title, genre and line of dialogue and then has 48 hours to make the film. The title this year was 'Blood On The Moon', the genre was B Movie and the line of dialogue was 'Go on then...I'll play your vicious little game!'

The B-Movie genre certainly proved popular, and there was lots of terrific entries with giant mutated lobsters, vampires, zombies and all sorts of madness.

We went with a creature feature for our entry (courtesy of a 99p ball of wool from C and H expense spared on our movie) and although it had very little to do with the actual title, it went down rather well at the viewing. Phil Palmer, who plays the villain of the piece constructed the sound track in a matter of hours and did a damn fine job. My main role this year was 'Head Tribble Wrangler' which is of course the highlight of my film making career!

Last year our entry Dark Mesh won 'Best Film'. This year we won 'Best Soundtrack'.

Anyway, enough waffle...Click the link and enjoy the madness!