Friday, 2 March 2012

Strip #4 Out Now for ipad

Issue 4 of STRIP Magazine, containing me, Stu Smith and Dave Thomson's Slayer Keith comic strip, is on sale now as a digital edition for iPad.

Fronted by a Warpaint cover by John McCrea, the digital edition features all the content of the print edition (on sale soon in all good UK comic shops), plus a couple of 'bonus items'.

Strips in the latest action-packed issue include Warpaint by Phil Hester and John McCrea, the start of a brand-new Age of Heroes story by James Hudnall, John Ridgway and The Devil's Heritage by Jerome Felix and Paul Gastine.

In Black Ops Extreme (by John Freeman and PJ Holden) the combat team head for the Middle East to sabotage an illegal nuclear bomb factory. Meanwhile, Hook Jaw continues to eat his way through greedy oil men.

The issue also contains Cosmic Patrol, Bogey-Man Bob and various articles of intrigue.

You can download the issue at the following link for £2.99:

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