Friday, 30 November 2012

Temple 12 Out Now! (Er, still...)

Since the deadline for the Temple Issue 13 is almost upon us (9th December, for anyone who wishes to contribute) I figured it was probably about time I put out an announcement on my blog for the previous issue being out.

So, er, yes! Temple issue 12 is still out now, still free as per usual, and available to download on the main site (

Here's a picture of the cover, followed by blurby wordy sorta things from Malcolm Kirk (actually, I've had to position the picture under the writing rather than above it as I'm using ipad Blogger, which is even more shite since the update)

'Have you forgotten how good it tastes? The 66 page Temple APA Issue Twelve is now available to download as part of a complete breakfast a totally free pdf file, containing contributions from the likes of Dave Hailwood, Paul Eldridge, Simon Mackie, Tony Suleri, Adam Grose and Malcolm Kirk, who also provides 100% of the recommended allowance of front cover, which you can see above these words, (unless you're standing on your head or something, in which case - what on Earth are you doing that for? Get the proper way up this instant! How can you even work a mouse like that?).'

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