Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Board Horde Stat Analysis

Hi folks,

I thought I'd round off the year by giving a brief analysis of the stats/views received for Board Horde since it's launch six months ago.

It seems that board games prove particularly popular around the November/December holiday period, as views started to pick up massively in November (going from 5 views a day to 100), and this month alone the game has had 4,500 views (which accounts for more than half the total views over six months!). 

For anyone interested in making HTML5 games, I'd strongly recommend use of Clay.io, as it gives you access to stats like this, gets you plenty of plays, and also allows other gaming sites to link to your game which can get you plenty more plays without any effort on your behalf (such as m.clickjogos.uol.com.br - a foreign site which has given my game over a thousand views)

Also adding a Gamemix banner to your game can add a small but steady trickle of users.

Oh yes, and the grand total of advertising revenue that I've made to date? $4! Finally I can buy that speedboat that I've always wanted!

All the best for the New Year, folks!

If you haven't played my game yet, check it out here: Board Horde

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