Saturday, 9 July 2016

That Mid Year Update Feeling...

Right then, here's a list of my latest creative endeavours.

Last week I finally finished writing The Last Of The Navel Navigators children's novel, which involves the adventures of a young Hillbilly with a magic bellybutton, who's travelling the universe with his goat, Brian (and was awarded a First, for my Creative Writing MA, a while back).

The comic version of Navel Navigators is also shaping up nicely, illustrated by the always awesome Brett Burbridge and lettered by Ken Reynolds.

I've also just released issue 13 of 100% Biodegradable, which has a mass of talented creators inside, including 2000ad's Kek-W, John Freeman, Tony Suleri and many more. It's available here for just 69p:

Then there's the Freaks, Heroes and Horrors comic bundle that I've just put together with the aid of some other hairy ne'er-do-wells (Neil Alexander, Chris Sides, Vince Hunt, Rob Jones and Jon Laight), and contains 18 comics for $3.50.

After script editing Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartmann's first Shit Flingers Bestiary (which you can read a review about here) Jimmy has hired me to script edit the second bestiary, which is next on my agenda.

And now that the Navel Navigators novel is out of the way, I can finally finish off writing the last four chapters of Breaking Even (a sci-fi novel about an accountant on an overpopulated Earth who is discovered to have a planet growing in his head, which is just ripe for colonisation).

Considering everything gets a bit political in the last few chapters, there's plenty of real world shenanigans for me to draw upon for inspiration (it's actually quite cathartic, as I get to blow up Earth).

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