Thursday, 22 December 2011

Slayer Keith Rides To Victory!

I've just had word from John Freeman that Slayer Keith, a collaboration between myself, Dave Thomson and Stu Smith, will be appearing in issue 4 of Strip (a brand new monthly adventure comic for children and young adults).

I think none of us are more thrilled than Stu Smith, whose main involvement was to eat cheese, have a weird dream, and record it in the following illustration which inspired the comic strip.

So let this be a lesson to you, people! If you wish to get anywhere in life as an artist you must eat more cheese, and sleep whenever possible.

Strip comic is available to buy from iTunes at £2.99, and can also be purchased in many UK comic stores. Learn more about Strip here:


paulhd said...


David Hailwood said...

Thanks, Paul.

I hope your artistry has been going well.

With luck I'll be able to keep in contact with people a lot better next year, when I'll hopefully have actual proper broadband (rather than one of these USB stick jobs).

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

paulhd said...

Not to worry, since starting my degree I've not done a great job of keeping in contact with people myself.
Art is going fine, less time is an issue, but that's always the way!
Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year to you too!