Thursday, 2 October 2008

Robots Reviewed (at bloody last!)

At the Bristol convention in May, Colin Mathieson and Dave West of Accent UK were kind enough to give me a review copy of their latest Robots anthology.

Due to the amount of writing projects I've been working on since then, I only just finished writing the review today. You can read it on Down The Tubes here: took me five months to write the review, and it took John Freeman five seconds to put it up on his site, along with links to every single creator mentioned. What a truly marvellous chap!

Anyway, I probably won't be reviewing the next Accent UK anthology (Westerns) simply because I have a strip in it, and wouldn't want to appear biased.

The strip's illustrated by the hugely talented Paul Harrison-Davies, and you can see an 'alternate' preview page of it below. Paul's finishing it off at the moment, so I'm very keen to see how it's looking now.


paulhd said...

Hi Dave, welcome to the land of blog. Cheers for the name check!

David Hailwood said...

I resisted the Lure Of The Blog for a long time. Then I suddenly realised I'm actually working on quite a large number of projects, so I might as well tell a few folk about them.

Still, I will not submit to Facebook! I still have some dignity (though I assure you, you won't find any of it on this site)